I’ve seen so many cute versions of DIY dollar store candy jars on Pinterest, so I knew I had to try this one out for myself!

If you’ve been here before, you know I love me a good Dollar Tree craft (hello, Dollar Tree Skull Vase and Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeover  👀). When I saw this cute “Death By Candy” jar at Dollar Tree, I knew I had to do something fun with it.

So after spending an hour at Dollar Tree just to buy a bunch of craft supplies, I had the very few items I needed to create my own Halloween version of these DIY dollar store candy jars! After all, what is Halloween without candy?!

I’m telling you, this craft was soooo easy! It also turned out super cute and exactly how I pictured it, without much effort at all.

Alright, let’s get started with our DIY Dollar Store Candy Jars!


diy dollar store candy jars

For these DIY Dollar Store Candy Jars, you’ll need:

  • A jar with a lid from Dollar Tree (mine was plastic and it was with their Halloween decor stuff, but glass would work too!)
  • A small bucket from Dollar Tree (found the one I used in the birthday section)
  • Black chalk paint (I used FolkArt Chalk Paint that I got on Amazon because I can’t resist the convenience of Prime delivery 😂)
  • Dollar Tree foam paint brushes
  • Hot glue
  • Ribbon optional (I used this one from Amazon, but Dollar Tree has ribbon too)
  • Matte sealing finishing spray (something like this one will work!)

Remove bucket handle

diy dollar store candy jars

The first thing I did was take off the handle that comes on the little bucket. This was pretty easy to just pull out.

I might have to go back to the Dollar Tree and get more of these buckets, because this one was actually super cute on its own!!


diy dollar store candy jars

Next, it’s time to start painting your DIY dollar store candy jars.

I painted the bucket and the lid of the jar black. It took about 2-3 coats to get it completely covered with no colors showing through.

diy dollar store candy jars

Something I didn’t do at first was paint the part of the lid that goes into the jar. I had to go back and paint that part later after I realized it looked weird when I put the whole thing together.


After my paint was all dry, I decided to spray the bucket and the lid with a matte finishing spray. I’ve had a few crafts chip and get ruined over the years because I didn’t do a finishing spray or ModPodge. I am hoping this Halloween craft will be around for a bit, so I sprayed it.

This step is probably optional, but your DIY dollar store candy jar is probably going to chip in a few seasons if it doesn’t get a finishing spray!


diy dollar store candy jars

Now it’s time to hot glue your DIY dollar store candy jars together!! Almost finished.

Turn your bucket upside down. Put hot glue around the rim on the bottom of your bucket, then place your jar on it. Make sure the jar is centered and the protruding circles on the bucket are on the sides.

diy dollar store candy jars

After your jar is glued on, it’s time to glue your ribbon if you choose to add that touch! I tied a bow first, then glued the bow onto the bucket.

diy dollar store candy jars

Fill your jar

diy dollar store candy jars

It’s time to fill your DIY dollar store candy jars up with some Halloween candy! I used candy corn, which I got at Dollar Tree. I can also see it looking cute with Reese’s Pieces in there since they kind of have Halloween colors.

Really, any candy will look cute because the jar is adorable.

After your candy jar is full, go ahead and put on the lid.

Display your Halloween DIY Dollar Store Candy Jars!

diy dollar store candy jars

Yay! Our DIY Dollar Store Candy Jars are complete!

Now it’s time to find the perfect place for this candy jar in your Halloween decor.

diy dollar store candy jars

How easy and adorable is this project?! And cheap, of course. Seriously, this is why I love a simple Dollar Tree craft.

How did your candy jar turn out?? Let me know in the comments please!

Stay festive 🙂