Dollar Tree is a treasure trove for great DIYs, especially during the holiday season! These DIY Dollar Tree Christmas signs will give your decor a high-end look for a fraction of the price.

I was browsing Kirkland’s Christmas decor recently and I was seeing so many adorable farmhouse Christmas signs. I wanted them allllll! But they run anywhere from $20-$40. So of course, as any crafter would, I started brainstorming how I could make them myself for less cash.

I made two different wood signs for this project, so I have two different SVG files to share with you all (FO FREE!)! I really love making SVGs, so there will be more freebies coming your way soon! Another Christmas SVG is in the works right now.

When I saw the mini yard stake sign at Dollar Tree, I knew I needed to have it (😆). At the time I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d do with it. I love how it turned out as a Sleigh Rides sign!

I got a bunch of “chunky wood slats” from Dollar Tree, also not knowing exactly what I’d do with them. I had a random epiphany to glue them together and it really made it turn out perfect.

These signs would look great on a console table, on a tiered tray, or on a mantel. They would also make excellent handmade Christmas gifts!!

Let’s get started on these DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Signs!

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas signs


DIY Dollar Tree Christmas signs

For your DIY Dollar Tree Christmas signs you’ll need:

  • 12″ chunky wood slat from Dollar Tree (you’ll need 2 or 3 of these)
  • Dollar Tree mini wood yard stake sign
  • Wood stain (I used this one)
  • Foam paint brushes (you can get these at Dollar Tree too!)
  • White or cream chalk paint (I used this one, as per usual)
  • ModPodge–optional (you can get it at Dollar Tree if you use it for this)
  • Cricut or other cutting machine
  • Stencil vinyl
  • Transfer tape
  • Hot glue or wood glue
  • Finishing spray

1. Hot glue your slats together

You can use hot glue or wood glue to glue your chunky wood slats together to make a larger sign. I used 2 wood slats from Dollar Tree, but I think this would also be cute with 3 slats glued together.

If you find these wood slats at your local Dollar Tree, definitely stock up!! They are so versatile and they stain really well. I’m so happy I came up with the idea to glue them together–it really made these DIY Dollar Tree Christmas signs look more professional!

2. Stain your wood

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas signs

I’ve shared in previous posts my disdain for wood stain. It gets messy and it smells. HOWEVER, I am all about trying to get the cutest outcome…and the wood stain I like to use always turns out incredible. The perfect farmhouse stain (IMO).

I used a foam paintbrush to apply the stain, but you can also use a cloth or a piece of an old t-shirt. After you apply the stain, you just have to wait a few minutes and then you can rub off any excess stain with a cloth.

If you don’t like the color after the first application, go ahead and apply another coat. The wood stain will take a little while to dry, so give it some time.

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas signs

3. Cut your stencils with your cutting machine

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas signs

It’s time to cut your stencil while you wait on the wood stain to dry. This is where my free SVG files come in! Get them below!

One problem I sometimes have with my Cricut is that it cuts through my stencil vinyl. Whenever I use stencil vinyl I always make sure to change the pressure setting to “Less” before cutting.

Also, don’t forget to set your material dial to “Custom”, then choose “Stencil Vinyl” in the options.

After you cut your SVGs, you’ll need to weed out the letters and images on the stencil. These signs are small, so the weeding needs to be done pretty carefully. I messed up a little bit with both signs, but it kind of adds to the rustic charm, so I didn’t sweat it.

BTW you’ll notice that my Sleigh Rides sign looks slightly different than my SVG file. I decided that since my sign was tiny I didn’t want to include the text at the bottom. If I were making a larger sign I would DEF use the whole SVG as my stencil because I love the words at the bottom! But alas, my tiny sign made things slightly difficult, so I had to leave it out this time around.

4. Transfer your stencils onto your signs

Get your transfer tape out and cut a piece that is slightly larger than your stencil. Peel the back off the transfer tape and put the transfer tape on your stencil. Press everything down so that the stencil sticks to your transfer tape.

diy Dollar Tree Christmas signs

Next, peel the back off of your stencil vinyl. Make sure everything is sticking to the transfer tape as you peel.

diy Dollar Tree Christmas signs

Finally, place the stencil on your wood sign. Try to get it as straight as possible, but don’t worry if it’s a little off kilter. That’s another thing that adds to the rustic vibe of the sign.

diy Dollar Tree Christmas signs

Peel your transfer tape off very carefully to make sure the stencil stays in place.

diy Dollar Tree Christmas signs

5. OPTIONAL STEP: ModPodge your stencils

diy Dollar Tree Christmas signs

So this step is completely optional! If you want to have extra clean lines on your sign, you can apply a coat of ModPodge on top of your stencil. Let it dry completely before moving on to the next step. This is such a Pro Crafter Tip. It can really make a huge difference with cleanliness in certain cases!

I did this step with my Sleigh Rides sign, but NOT with my Christmas Trees sign. Honestly, for these signs I wanted more of a rustic farmhouse look anyway, so I wasn’t too concerned about the cleanliness of the lines.

However, if your stencil vinyl is being difficult, a coat of ModPodge will help it stick down.

ModPodge is magical like that.

diy Dollar Tree Christmas signs

6. Paint!

diy Dollar Tree Christmas signs

It’s time to paint your stencils! I used a foam brush for this so I could kind of just sponge paint the sign. I feel like this helps the paint stay in the stencil better.

I needed about 2 coats of paint for both of my signs. I love the crackled look I got with my chalk paint!

diy Dollar Tree Christmas signs
diy Dollar Tree Christmas signs
diy Dollar Tree Christmas signs

7. Remove your stencil & weed out extra pieces

Time to remove the stencils! Our DIY Dollar Tree Christmas signs are almost finished.

After removing the stencils, make sure to weed out any pieces with your weeding tool.

diy Dollar Tree Christmas signs
diy Dollar Tree Christmas signs

8. Apply a finishing spray

To finish off your sign, you’ll want to spray on a coat of finishing spray to seal the sign. This will help it last for many Christmas seasons to come!

You could also seal your sign using ModPodge! Just apply a layer after your paint has dried completely.

Display your DIY Dollar Tree Christmas signs!

diy Dollar Tree Christmas signs

Project complete! Now you just need to find the perfect spot to display your cute new Christmas signs.

Right now I have my Dollar Tree Christmas signs on a tiered tray. I’m thinking later I’ll move them to my DIY tiered tray. If you’re looking for another Dollar Tree DIY, check that project out here!! I love my tiered trays!

I cannot believe how these signs turned out. Can you believe they are made from Dollar Tree materials?!?

diy Dollar Tree Christmas signs
diy Dollar Tree Christmas signs

How did your signs come out?? Did you use my SVG freebie?! Let me know in the comments!

Stay festive 🙂