Fall crafts and DIYs are my fave, especially when I can get every supply I need from Dollar Tree! Last year I did an awesome Dollar Tree DIY skull vase, and this year I did a super easy Dollar Tree pumpkin vase.

This faux pumpkin vase is perfect for a fall or Thanksgiving centerpiece, or just a cute addition to your fall décor. When you’re finished, people will never guess that it was a Dollar Tree pumpkin vase!

Dollar Tree pumpkin vase pin

Dollar Tree Pumpkin Vase Supplies

Everything you need for this DIY project can be found in the aisles of your local Dollar Tree. You’ll need:

  • Dollar Tree foam pumpkins (these bright orange ones!)
  • White and/or light orange craft paint
  • Paintbrushes (I used foam paintbrushes)
  • Faux floral & greenery picks
  • Modpodge

How to Make a DIY Dollar Tree Pumpkin Vase

Step 1: Take off the foam pumpkin stem

Just pull the stems right off. You won’t need them for this DIY Dollar Tree pumpkin vase, so you can get rid of them!

Dollar Tree pumpkin vase supplies

Step 2: Paint your pumpkins

I painted one white and one light orange. These foam pumpkins will need 2-3 coats of paint.

Step 3: Modpodge the pumpkins

A coat of Modpodge on the pumpkins will seal the paint and give your pumpkins more of a finished look.

Dollar Tree pumpkin vase mod podge

Step 4: Cut your stems

Use wire cutters or some heavy duty scissors to cut the stems off of your florals. Don’t cut the whole stem—you’ll need a few inches to stick into your foam pumpkin.

Dollar Tree pumpkin vase stems

Step 5: Add your flowers

Add flowers and arrange them by sticking the stems into the top of the foam pumpkin. No need for any glue or adhesive—just shove them right in! So easy!

Dollar Tree pumpkin vase 1
Dollar Tree pumpkin vase flowers
Dollar Tree pumpkin vase flowers 2

Display your DIY Dollar Tree Pumpkin Vase!

Dollar Tree pumpkin vase

This is one of the easiest Dollar Tree crafts I have done so far. These faux pumpkin vases are great for Thanksgiving table décor or throughout the whole fall season as part of a fall display.

Dollar Tree pumpkin vase 2

Where will you put your DIY Dollar Tree pumpkin vase?