What better way to decorate your house for Halloween than with some of these DIY Halloween potion bottles?!

I wanted to add some creepy farmhouse vibes to my Halloween decor this year, so I tried scrounging up some materials I had at home to see if I could do some DIY Halloween potion bottles. If you have a Cricut or Silhouette and some scrap black vinyl hanging around, this project is pretty easy and quick!

I have created a ton of projects in Cricut Design Space before, but I’ve never created SVG files in another program that can be shared to everyone. I knew I wanted to try creating and sharing my very own SVGs for these DIY Halloween potion bottles. I absolutely love how they turned out! I can’t wait to make and share more SVGs (it’s kinda addicting).

Enjoy some of my free SVGs that I used to do this project!! Don’t forget to share this post so more people can snag my free SVGs too 🙂

Let’s get started on these DIY Halloween potion bottles!

diy halloween potion bottles


For your DIY Halloween potion bottles, you’ll need:

  • Various bottles
  • White chalk paint
  • Glossy finishing spray
  • Cricut machine
  • My SVG files
  • Black vinyl
  • Transfer tape

Choose your bottles

diy halloween potion bottles

First, you’ll have to pick out some different sized bottles for your potion bottles. I used a plastic jar (similar to a mason jar) from the dollar store, a little interesting-shaped jug bottle from the dollar store, a weird Tums bottle that I found, and a little Nexium bottle. People in my house obvi have heartburn, don’t judge us.

diy halloween potion bottles

Other ideas for containers are vitamin bottles, empty nail polish remover bottles, black pepper containers, spice bottles, or really any kind of weird shaped bottles you can gather. Don’t forget to peel off any labels before getting started.

Paint your bottles

diy halloween potion bottles

Next it’s time to take off the lids and start painting your bottles. I used Folk Art Chalk Paint in Sheepskin (what else is new??). I gave my bottles about 3 coats to cover everything.

After my paint dried, I sprayed my containers with a glossy finishing spray to give these DIY Halloween potion bottles more of a finished and smooth appearance. I considered spraying with a matte spray, but I’m glad I went with a glossy one. It makes the bottles look sturdier than they actually are.

I decided to paint the lids of my containers black, so I used some Folk Art Chalk Paint to do that.

Measure your bottles

You’ll have to measure your jars and bottles to figure out how big you want your labels to be. I went through and measured the width and height of the area where my label would be going on each container.

Use your measurements to size the SVG files for each label in Cricut Design Space (or whatever the Silhouette equivalent is!).

Download my free SVGs!

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Cut & transfer your vinyl

Break out your Cricut or Silhouette! It’s time to cut those SVG files. I used regular black vinyl for this project.

After you cut the SVGs, cut out each label. Weed out anything you need to. Then, use your transfer tape to transfer your vinyl label onto each jar.

diy halloween potion bottles

Please ignore the mess on my dining room table 😆

Put your lids on

Here come the finishing touches to our DIY Halloween potion bottles! Almost done!

Put on your lids for each container.

diy halloween potion bottles

Display your DIY Halloween potion bottles!

diy halloween potion bottles

Project complete! Now it’s time to find the perfect places for your new DIY Halloween potion bottles. I put mine on my DIY Dollar Tree tiered tray (highly recommend trying this quick and easy DIY project!!). I love how the bottles look with my little Halloween display!

I love how easy and quick this project ended up being. I expected it to take longer and to take more effort, but waiting for the coats of paint to dry was the hardest part 😆

How did your DIY Halloween potion bottles turn out? Where are you going to put them??

Let me know in the comments!

Sending you lots of festive Halloween vibes <3

diy halloween potion bottles