Check out how I transformed a gold macrame ring into a DIY modern fall wreath! This DIY fall wreath tutorial is a great, easy project to help bring warm fall colors into your decor without going overboard.

I absolutely love a good fall DIY project (mostly because I absolutely LOVE FALL!).

For this DIY modern fall wreath, I didn’t want to get too crazy with the typical fall tropes (i.e. pumpkins and leaves). I wanted to make something unique and pretty that brings just a touch of autumn warmth and vibes.

Enter: this DIY modern fall wreath made with a gold macrame ring. A DIY fall wreath is actually a first for me. I haven’t gotten too into wreath making, so I wanted to start a little simpler and work my way up into the real wreaths later.

I’ve seen some of these ring wreaths on Pinterest and Etsy from time to time, so I figured I’d go ahead and try this DIY fall wreath stuff out.

I am a total sucker for rusty and moody looking fall colors, like burgundies, oranges, and corals. If you’ve seen my post about my fall wedding, you probably already know this! So those are the colors I decided to use for this DIY modern fall wreath.

This DIY modern fall wreath would make a great addition to some fall wedding decor, or even decor for a bridal or fall baby shower!

Let’s get started on our DIY modern fall wreath!

diy modern fall wreath


diy modern fall wreath

For this project you’ll need:

  • Gold Macrame Hoop. I used a 10-inch hoop, but any size will work.
  • Artificial fall flowers. I bought a box of rusty and burgundy colored flowers on Amazon that was marketed to be used for DIY bouquets. I chose a few flowers from that box, but I have a ton left over for my next project!
  • Artificial greenery. I used eucalyptus and some darker green leaves that came in the same box with the flowers I got.
  • Green floral wire. I used this to bind the greenery to my gold hoop.
  • Wire cutters or scissors to cut the artificial flowers and greens.
  • Hot glue gun. You may or may not need this depending on what type of artificial flowers you use.
diy modern fall wreath

Step 1: Plan out your design

diy modern fall wreath

When you create your DIY modern fall wreath, make sure you plan out your design beforehand. Arrange your florals and greenery before you start attaching things. This will help you space things out properly.

When I was picking the flowers I wanted to use, I chose one larger one, two medium-sized ones, and a smaller flower. For the greenery, I chose to use different shades of green and different textures to make my DIY fall wreath look more natural and dimensional.

Step 2: Attach your greenery

diy modern fall wreath

It’s time to start attaching your greenery as the first layer of your DIY modern fall wreath. Follow your plan and space out your eucalyptus carefully. Then, use green floral wire to wrap around the eucalyptus and the gold ring.

After adding in your eucalyptus as your first layer, use the floral wire to attach your next layer of greenery or leaves. Continue this until you have all of your greens attached to your gold ring.

diy modern fall wreath

Your DIY modern fall wreath is starting to come together!

Step 3: Start attaching florals

diy modern fall wreath

Follow the plan you made in Step 1 to arrange and attach your florals. When I attached my florals, I started from the sides and worked my way inwards. Alternatively, it might work well to attach the largest flower first, then build the rest of the wreath around that flower.

The artificial flowers that I used were marketed for creating bouquets, so they had wire stems attached that I used to wrap around my gold ring. The wire stems made these flowers easier to work with and maneuver than just flower heads.

I also created a different ring wreath with only flower heads (no wire stems attached) and I used hot glue to adhere those flower heads to my wreath. This made the flowers stick really well. You just have to be super precise with your positioning and planning before you actually start putting on the hot glue!

Here’s the other DIY modern fall wreath I created using hot glue to secure the flower heads:

diy modern fall wreath
diy modern fall wreath

Step 4: Hot glue everything in place (optional)

After attaching all of your florals, you may want to secure them in place with hot glue. I always like to do this because I am a perfectionist about the precise way the flowers must be arranged. But this step in creating our DIY modern fall wreath is OPTIONAL!

Step 5: Add a hanger (optional)

diy modern fall wreath

When your DIY modern fall wreath has all of its florals in place, one finishing touch you may choose to add is a hanger.

I tried a few different hanging options: floral wire and different ribbons. Each of these options gives a different effect, so it really depends on the look you’re going for. I think I like my crochet ribbon the best, but it definitely gives more of a farmhouse cozy feel, and it makes the wreath a little less modern.

This step is optional, because you could always just hang the hoop itself without a hanging mechanism.

diy modern fall wreath
diy modern fall wreath

Admire your gorgeous DIY modern fall wreath!

diy modern fall wreath

I love how this fall wreath ring project turned out! It really brings a touch of fall, but it’s not too obvious.

This DIY modern fall wreath took me less than an hour to complete. It’s another great easy project to finish while baby is napping!

It’s a versatile wreath, too. I think it would be so cute at a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, or just at home (or all of the above?!).

What DIY project should I try next?? Let me know in the comments please!

Sending you allllll the fall festive vibes 🙂