Make this simple, fun, and charming DIY reindeer name sign using my free reindeer name SVG!

DIY Reindeer Name Sign

I absolutely love making rustic farmhouse Christmas signs! I’ve been thinking about making a sign with a wood frame and white inside for a while now. After getting some great inspo, I decided to create a free reindeer name SVG to make an adorable DIY reindeer name sign that lists all of Santa’s reindeer.

completed diy reindeer name sign

This sign is simple, fun, and charming. It makes a great gift, also!! I made 3 and plan to give 2 of them as Christmas gifts.

DIY Reindeer Name Sign Tutorial


diy reindeer name sign supplies

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For this DIY reindeer name sign, you’ll need:

  • White, red, and black acrylic paint (Like most of my projects, I used FolkArt Chalk paint in Milk Jug, Imperial, & Black)
  • Scissors
  • Painters tape or masking tape
  • My Free Reindeer Name SVG (get it at the end of this post!)

How to Make a DIY Reindeer Name Sign

I really tried to get some good pictures of each step, but I didn’t realize until afterward that half of them have a bunch of stuff in the background! So just go ahead and ignore that for me 🙂

Step 1: Tape the inside of the sign

diy reindeer name sign taped

Cover the inner part of the sign with your painter’s tape or masking tape. The goal is to protect this part of the sign while we use wood tint on the rest of it, so make sure the tape sticks down well along the edges and in the corners.

Step 2: Stain or tint your wood

wood tint

Now it’s time to stain the wood. I really love FolkArt wood tint for this because it tends to be easier to use and it also doesn’t smell as bad as regular wood stain. 

diy reindeer name sign prep

I apply the tint with a foam brush and follow the directions on the bottle. Make sure to tint the back of your sign as well as the frame on the front.

Step 3: Tape the inside frame

painter tape

After your wood stain has dried completely, remove the tape from the inner part of the sign. Then, tape the inside of the frame for extra protection while we paint the sign.

Step 4: Paint the inside

Paint the inner part of your sign with your white paint. I used FolkArt chalk paint in the color Sheepskin, and that turned out really nice. My other favorite FolkArt chalk paint white color is Milk Jug, which is a little more creamy than Sheepskin. Both are great options for this DIY reindeer name sign!

diy reindeer name sign painted

I did two or three coats of paint on my sign to make the color the way I wanted it to be.

After painting, you can remove the tape from the frame of the sign.

Step 5: Cut & prep your stencil

Download my free reindeer name SVG at the end of this post and use your cutting machine to cut it out onto some stencil vinyl.

free reindeer name svg stencil

After cutting your stencil, it’s time to weed out the letters. 

free reindeer name svg stencil weeded

Step 6: Transfer & ModPodge your stencil

diy reindeer name sign stencil

Using transfer tape, transfer your stencil to your sign. Make sure to peel the tape off very carefully.

free reindeer name svg

When your stencil is in place, you can use ModPodge to help it stick down while you paint. I like doing this trick for signs that have letters, because you’ll get much crisper and cleaner lines than if you just have the stencil.

diy reindeer name sign free svg

Just use a foam brush to brush a light coat of ModPodge over the stencil and wait for it to dry.

Step 7: Paint your stencil

Now it’s time to paint your stencil for your DIY reindeer name sign! I started from the bottom by painting Rudolph red. I also used a Q-tip to paint the tiny nose red as well. 

diy reindeer name sign rudolph

I painted the little antlers brown using some random leftover acrylic paint I found. I used a Q-tip for this part too and just dabbed it into the stencil.

I painted the rest of the reindeer names in black using my foam brush.

Step 8: Remove the stencil

diy reindeer name sign painted stencil

After allowing your sign to dry, it’s time to peel off your stencil. You’ll have to weed out the inside of the letters with your weeding tool as well.

free reindeer name svg sign

Step 9: Seal your sign

To seal and protect my sign, I used my ModPodge. With your foam brush, paint a light coat to cover the entire sign. 

mod podge reindeer sign

This step offers protection for your sign, and it also gives the sign more of a finished look.

diy reindeer name sign seal

Step 10: Display your DIY reindeer name sign!

That’s it! Find a great place to display your new DIY reindeer name sign, or wrap it up to give as a gift! 

diy reindeer name sign with free svg

You’ll definitely be getting compliments on this cute sign. The best part about that is you get to say “Thanks, I made it myself!”

Free Reindeer Name SVG

Please make sure to read my acceptable use policies for this free download. My free reindeer name SVG may be used for the creation of personal or small commercial HANDMADE items. You may not use the SVG cut files with any print-on-demand services. You may not resell, re-license, or redistribute media in digital or printed format. You may not offer this design as a free item in your shop, newsletter, or blog. You may not resell or redistribute SVGs as a standalone product or part of a bundle. SVGs may not be made available via download or claimed as your own.

diy reindeer name sign pin

I hope you love your DIY reindeer name sign as much as I love mine!!