I love doing Christmas DIYs. They really get me in the holiday spirit!

This year I knew I wanted to make some DIY rustic farmhouse Christmas ornaments for my tree. It’s been a while since I’ve made my own ornaments and I had sooooo many ideas.

I really wanted to use materials that I already had at home, and I’ve been wanting to find more uses for my typewriter stamps that I used for my DIY book stacks. I also had some mini embroidery hoops that came in a multi-pack I had gotten to make some DIY embroidery hoop wreaths.

I definitely already have wayyy too much ribbon at home, so I decided to put that to use with these DIY rustic farmhouse Christmas ornaments.

This project was pretty simple to get done…the most annoying part (to me) is staining the wood, but that’s really an optional step anyways.

So go ahead, turn on some Christmas music, and get your Christmas DIY on with these DIY rustic farmhouse Christmas ornaments!!


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diy rustic farmhouse Christmas ornaments

For these DIY rustic farmhouse Christmas ornaments, you’ll need:

1. Separate embroidery hoops

diy rustic farmhouse Christmas ornaments

The first thing I did for these DIY farmhouse ornaments was take apart the embroidery hoops. Just unscrew the top screw a bit and the outer hoop will come right off.

I did this first because I only wanted to stain the outer hoop, so of course I needed to separate the two hoops first.

2. Stain outer hoop

diy rustic farmhouse Christmas ornaments

If you’re choosing to stain the wood for these DIY ornaments, now is the time!

I opted to stain them because I felt like it made the wood feel warmer and it made the ornament more farmhouse-y, if that makes sense! I used my favorite wood stain that I basically use for everything. It’s called “Early American” and in my humble opinion it is the most farmhouse stain I have encountered.

Now, I actually find staining wood to be incredibly annoying. Wood stain smells awful. It’s also super messy sometimes and I am lazy and don’t like cleaning up messes 😂. However, I sacrificed this and decided to just go for it.

Since I hate staining wood, I was trying to do as little as possible with the stain. That’s why I separated the embroidery hoop first, and I only stained the outer hoop. I knew that the inner hoop wouldn’t be visible in the end anyways, so why do the extra work?

Let your wood stain dry before you do anything else with your embroidery hoops.

3. Cut your ribbons

diy rustic farmhouse Christmas ornaments

While you’re waiting for your wood stain to dry, you can get some other things ready for your DIY rustic farmhouse Christmas ornaments. Let’s start with cutting your ribbons to fit the inner embroidery hoop.

Lay your largest ribbon on the inner embroidery hoop to measure out where to cut. Remember, you can also use fabric squares for this step. I made a few using some 5 x 5 Christmas fabric squares I got on Amazon (here they are!).

You could also use scrap fabric. I’ve been toying with the idea of using old sweaters for this type of ornament somehow (I love to use repurposed sweaters for my crafts!), so I might update later or create a new post for that!

Anyway, after you finish with cutting your first ribbon layer, go ahead and cut pieces for your smaller ribbon and your smallest white ribbon.

I tried making one of these DIY farmhouse ornaments without the second layer of ribbon and it looked super adorable too, so don’t feel like you need to add allll the layers like I did!

4. Stamp your small white ribbon

diy rustic farmhouse Christmas ornaments

Okay, finally time to break out your stamps!

Use your typewriter stamps to stamp out a Christmas-y word on your white ribbon. I did merry and noel. Then, I did one of my rustic farmhouse ornaments with just tree stamps that I got in a set of stamps from Michael’s.

Here are some other Christmas words that will fit on your embroidery hoop DIY rustic farmhouse Christmas ornaments:

  • merry
  • bright
  • noel
  • cheer
  • snow
  • joy
  • hope
  • jolly
  • nice
  • naughty
  • santa
  • believe
  • jingle
  • peace
  • ho ho ho
  • fa la la

The list goes on! It’s just a little tricky with the tiny embroidery hoops!

5. Hot glue the ribbons

diy rustic farmhouse Christmas ornaments

Next, I layered my ribbons and hot glued them in place. This is an important step. Without gluing the ribbons down, they will probably get messed up when you put the outer embroidery hoop back on.

6. Put outer hoop back on & screw it in

diy rustic farmhouse Christmas ornaments

Place your ribbon on top of the inner hoop. Then place the outer hoop around the inner hoop and screw in the top screw as much as possible.

Screwing the embroidery hoop back together is slightly difficult. When I did my first ornament, I was trying hard to get it screwed in as much as I could. I finally realized while making my second ornament that it wasn’t worth the struggle. It’s okay if it’s not perfectly screwed back on because it will be covered up anyways!!

7. Cut off excess ribbon/fabric

At this point you’ll have some excess fabric hanging out of the back of your ornament. Time to get rid of that.

Take a good pair of sharp scissors and trim off the excess fabric so that no fabric is showing.

8. Create a hanger

diy rustic farmhouse Christmas ornaments

Tie twine or ribbon on the top of the embroidery hoop as a hanger for your ornament. I used twine for mine, and I tied it around the metal part of the embroidery hoop.

9. Glue on the finishing touches

diy rustic farmhouse Christmas ornaments

If you’re adding a jingle bell, a little pine, or a tiny bow on your DIY rustic farmhouse Christmas ornaments, now is the time to hot glue it on!

I used a little piece of pine I had at home and a silver jingle bell. I wanted to cover up the embroidery hoop’s screw because I thought it would look more natural. It turned out great! I could also see a cute bow looking super amazing too. I might try that next.

10. Hang your DIY rustic farmhouse Christmas ornament on the tree!

diy rustic farmhouse Christmas ornaments

Your DIY rustic farmhouse Christmas ornament is now ready to be placed on your tree! Yay!

I love warm farmhouse Christmas vibes in my house during the holidays. I feel like these farmhouse tree ornaments really add more coziness to my decor and my Christmas tree.

How did your ornaments turn out? Tell me in the comments!

Sending all the farmhouse holiday vibes 🙂