Looking for some of the best rustic fall baby shower themes?

Fall is my favorite time of year. Even just the thought of crisp leaves, cool weather, and beautiful colors gets me excited!

With that being said, I was pretty pumped when I found out my first baby would be born in the fall. When it came time to plan the baby shower, I asked the planners if they could find the perfect rustic fall baby shower themes to choose from.

We narrowed it down to the options in this list, and it was hard to narrow it just down to one fall baby shower theme. I’ll let you know which one we chose for mine at the end!!

Before we get to the list, let’s talk about the fall baby shower basics!

What do you need for a baby shower?

To have an all-out baby shower, you’ll need a place to host it that has plenty of space, invitations, decorations (you don’t need a ton if you do it right!), games (if you choose to have them), food and drinks, gifts for the new mama, and favors for guests (if you choose to give them out).

When you set a theme for your fall baby shower, you can align all of these items and activities with that theme. Be careful not to overdo it, though! We’ll talk about how to not go overboard with your theme throughout this post.

Does a baby shower have to have a theme?

The short answer to this is: No. However, a theme can really tie the whole shower together!

I am a fan of the “less is more” approach when it comes to a theme for anything. You really just need a touch of the theme–it shouldn’t overpower the event.

For example, if you chose a bumblebee theme for your baby shower, you don’t need to have bumblebees on EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE. of decor. One larger bumblebee as a focal point decoration and a few on napkins or favors is plenty.

You can also tie in the theme to the shower in a not-so-obvious way, too. Using the bumblebee example, you could have honey combs, wooden accents, and swirly dotted lines to represent the bee flying.

So ultimately, a theme may not seem necessary at first, but it can be helpful to tie the whole aesthetic of the baby shower together. Even if you follow my “less is more” theme advice, things will turn out cuter if you have a general theme idea in mind for the baby shower.

What do you do at a baby shower?

Baby showers often have food, treats, games, and time for the expecting mama to open gifts. But any of these elements can be expanded on or left out completely to suit the parents’ preferences.

If you want to forgo the whole big baby shower thing, you could even opt for a drop-in baby shower. You could give a general timeframe for the shower on the invitation and people can stop in for whatever amount of time they choose.

If you choose to have the whole baby shower shebang, you could tie in your fall baby shower theme in your food and games, too. Just don’t go too overboard (less is more, remember??).

How can I make my baby shower unique?

Your baby shower theme is going to play a big part in making your shower cute and unique. Little accents here and there will make your shower unique, too.

There are tons of other ways to make sure your baby shower is unique, so try to think outside the box!

best rustic fall baby shower themes

Now, on to my picks for the best rustic fall baby shower themes. I’ll count down to my ultimate #1 pick, the fall baby shower theme I chose to go with. Here we go!

8. Falling in Love with Baby __________

rustic fall baby shower themes

Insert baby’s last name in the blank!

This is a great theme because it is very flexible–it’s hard to go overboard because it is a very gentle, non-specific theme. It’s an especially great theme for people who don’t love themes!

A fall color scheme is really all you need to stick with to achieve this look. Add in some leaves, a few pumpkins, and a little “Falling in Love with Baby ____” pendant banner and you should be good to go. It’s a very low maintenance fall baby shower theme to consider, yet still cozy and sweet. It also works for a boy or a girl!

7. Farmhouse Decor theme

rustic fall baby shower themes

This is my next pick for the best rustic fall baby shower themes, but it could technically work for other seasons, too. I just think the farmhouse aesthetic goes perfectly with fall–it gives you those cozy vibes you want to feel in autumn!

The farmhouse decor theme is another great one for people who aren’t crazy on the idea of themes. It’s really more of a vibe than a theme, but it will tie the shower together into the cozy, cute event that it should be.

A neutral, natural color palette with some greenery and buffalo check is all you need. You can use items from your home to give it the farmhouse look if that’s your home decor style. It can really help cut down on costs!

6. Classic Winnie the Pooh

rustic fall baby shower themes

I don’t know what it is about Classic Pooh, but he’s just too cute!

I love the idea of incorporating sunflowers with wooden elements along with the classic Winnie the Pooh images throughout the shower. Little honey pots and the classic Pooh characters would be perfectly rustic.

It’s so easy to find cute and inspiring quotes from Winnie the Pooh as well. A quote could be on a white backdrop as a focal point decoration with Pooh characters to tie the theme together.

While this theme works for any time of year, I feel like it fits well for a rustic fall baby shower theme. Soft blues, light yellows, greenery, sunflowers, baby’s breath, and mason jars will give you the Classic Pooh look.

A great option for favors would be little jars of honey, honey scented mini candles, or tiny beeswax candles. So sweet!

5. Baby is Brewing

rustic fall baby shower themes

Pregnant witchy Halloween lovers, unite! This fall baby shower theme is for due dates or shower dates closer to October 31st.

This isn’t the most rustic theme on my list, but I still think it’s adorable for lil Halloween babies.

Black cauldrons, wooden broomsticks, and gray and purple accents–this could be super cute and fun. You could paint some tiny pumpkins black and gray to add in for decor. Candlesticks, faux books, and little moons are great accents for this theme, too.

Now, there are actually two fall baby shower themes that go with this. The other option for the Baby is Brewing theme refers to a different play on the same words. You could do a Baby is Brewing theme as a coed baby shower with beer, which could also be very rustic, fall-ish, and extremely unique!

4. Camping

rustic fall baby shower themes

Nothing says rustic like camping. I envision this theme with greens, browns, plaids, pine trees, wood accents, and little retro campers.

Don’t forget to have some type of s’mores at your shower to go with this theme! A s’mores bar or s’mores flavored cupcakes would be great. There are tons of other nature-y/camping themed snacks you could have too.

You could even have little bags of trail mix or granola as party favors for your guests. Another option would be tiny s’mores candles or a DIY s’mores kit wrapped in plastic for guests to take home.

3. Fall Florals

rustic fall baby shower themes

I love the colors and vibe of fall floral bouquets. Picture burgundies, light pinks, corals, and some pops of orange. These colors are beautiful together (and super similar to the color palette I chose for my fall wedding!).

The fall floral theme might be more for a baby girl or for my Team Green friends, but honestly I could see it for a baby boy’s shower as well (showers are more for mamas anyways!).

Don’t forget to add in some greenery to your decor so your pinks and reds aren’t too overpowering!

2. Little Pumpkin

rustic fall baby shower themes

Who doesn’t love lil pumpkins?!? I love this theme for a fall baby shower, and it could be done with multiple different rustic color schemes.

Light blues, creams, and light greens would be so cute for any baby gender. Oranges, burgundies, greenery, and light pinks could also be perfect for this theme.

Out of my options for fall baby shower themes, this one was one of my absolute favorites. I cannot deny my undying love for pumpkins!

1. Woodland Animals

rustic fall baby shower themes

This was my ultimate choice out of all the fall baby shower themes! My son’s nursery also has a bit of a baby woodland animals theme (a few adorable pictures on the wall), so I thought some of the decor items used for the baby shower might be able to be used in some way with the baby’s room. I love an opportunity for repurposing things!

For this theme, baby woodland creatures would be great little accents on stickers, games, and invitations. Think foxes, baby deer, little bunnies, bears, raccoons.

At my Woodland Animals baby shower, there were lots of wood slices, pine trees, and woodsy-feeling treats. There was even a charming little teepee with some eucalyptus on top, which we saved as a future playtime prop for our son. Too darn cute!!


Planning an autumn baby shower and picking fall baby shower themes is so much fun! No matter what choice you make on the shower theme, it’s obviously most important that the Mama to Be has an amazing experience and a great day to help her get excited for her beautiful babe.

Did I miss any of your top picks for a fall baby shower theme? Let me know in the comments below!!

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Stay festive, mamas.

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