Looking for some great tips for making a DIY bridesmaid proposal box?

I loveeee a cute bridesmaid proposal box. They are such a thoughtful way to ask your closest girls to be next to you on your wedding day!

Being a craft lover and DIY enthusiast, I knew I wanted to uniquely make a DIY bridesmaid proposal box for my bridesmaids myself. It was super fun and my friends loved it!

Here’s how I made a DIY bridesmaid proposal box for each of my bridesmaids:

diy bridesmaid proposal box

Decide what you’ll include

There are so many cute options to include in your DIY bridesmaid proposal box.

I decided to include:

  • Stemless wine glass with each girl’s name and “Bride Tribe” on it (I made these in 2018, so “Bride Tribe” was still cool and new then, don’t judge me!)
  • A mini wine bottle with a “Bride Tribe” sticker label that I made
  • 2 ribbon hair ties wrapped on a holder that I made with my Cricut
  • Lindt chocolates
  • A strip with my wedding colors on it that I made
  • A couple artificial flowers with my wedding colors as a little added decoration

Pick a sturdy box

diy bridesmaid proposal box

I got this one from Michael’s and it worked PERFECTLY. It was super sturdy and the kraft look went with my rustic fall wedding theme a bit.

Get those supplies ready

diy bridesmaid proposal box

Here’s what I needed for each item to put my whole DIY bridesmaid proposal box together:

Wine glass

diy bridesmaid proposal box
  • 6 blank stemless wine glasses for my 6 bridesmaids. I’m pretty sure I ended up getting 2 packs of 4 and then I had a few extras to use for some other DIY projects.
  • Rose Gold metallic vinyl. I used this for the names on the glasses and “Bride Tribe”.
  • Gold Glitter vinyl. I wanted to add a little dimension to the design, so I used the gold glitter vinyl to add a little arrow design.
  • Transfer tape. I used this to transfer my vinyl onto the glasses.
  • Cricut & Cricut Design Space. I designed the project in Design Space, then used my Cricut to cut it on the vinyl.
  • Weeding tool to weed the vinyl after cutting

Mini wine bottle

diy bridesmaid proposal box
  • 6 mini wine bottles from the liquor store.
  • White printable vinyl. You can also use 8.5 x 11 shipping labels, although I have found they can sometimes be a little less sticky.
  • Cricut & Cricut Design Space. I designed everything through Design Space after measuring the label on the wine bottle.
  • Printer. I printed the labels on my regular printer onto the printable vinyl, then cut the labels with the Cricut.

Hair ties & holder

diy bridesmaid proposal box
  • 2 ribbon hair ties per bridesmaid. I bought a larger bulk pack and then picked the colors that went with my wedding colors and kept the extra hair ties to use for myself.
  • Kraft paper. I used this to create the holder for the hair ties.
  • Cricut & Cricut Design Space. I made the design in Design Space, then had the Cricut write and cut the project.
  • Cricut Pen. This was one of my first projects trying out using the Cricut Drawing Tool, so I used a black pen in my Cricut to make the hair tie holder.

Wedding colors strip

diy bridesmaid proposal box
  • Scrapbook paper in your wedding colors. I am obsessed with scrapbook paper and I always get it when it’s on sale at Michael’s, so I had a ton to choose from at home. I may have had to purchase another pack to get the right colors.
  • Circle paper puncher. I’ve had this circle paper puncher from Michael’s for a while to make tags for my candles, and it really came in handy for this piece of my DIY bridesmaid proposal box.
  • Cricut & Cricut Design Space. Again, I used Design Space to make my design, then I used the Cricut drawing tool and cutter to write and cut the project.
  • Cricut Pen. I used the Cricut Drawing Tool to write “wedding colors” at the top of the strip, so I needed a black Cricut pen for this part of the project.

Tags on box & label on the underside of the box lid

diy bridesmaid proposal box
  • White card stock paper. I used the Print, then Cut setting on my Cricut for the tags and the label. I printed on white card stock paper.
  • Floral images. I knew I wanted to do a lot of DIY for my wedding stuff, including the DIY bridesmaid proposal box, so I buckled down and purchased high quality floral images to use. I got the ones I used on Etsy!
  • Cricut & Cricut Design Space. Designed in Design Space, then used the Print, then Cut setting for my Cricut.
  • Printer. For printing the tags and labels!

Other extras for my DIY bridesmaid proposal box

  • Lindt (or other cutely wrapped) chocolates. Make sure to choose chocolates that come in a wrapper that goes with your wedding colors or accents you colors in some way. I chose the Lindt ones because they were round and gold, which made them aesthetically pleasing in my DIY bridesmaid proposal box.
  • Tiny artificial flowers. I got about 2 stems of artificial flowers that went with my color scheme and used scissors to cut them up. Then, I wrapped the pieces together with twine to make a mini bouquet.
  • Lace ribbon. I used this to tie around the box and top of the lid as a decoration. I used a hot glue gun to secure it.
  • Twine. I wrapped twine around the box and the top of the lid after wrapping the lace ribbon on. I used a hot glue gun to stick it on. This is just an extra thing for cuteness!
  • Tiny scrapbooking flowers and leaves. Another decoration I used for the box to make it cute and to make it go along with my whole wedding aesthetic.

Design and create your projects

Create your glasses, wine labels, hair tie holder, wedding color strip, tags, and labels!

Decorate your boxes

diy bridesmaid proposal box

I used the lace ribbon first and wrapped it around the bottom of the box. I glued the ends of the ribbon inside the box. Then, I did the same for the lid of the box. Make sure you line up the ribbon when you do the lid so the box looks like it is tied up when you put the lid back on.

Then, to add a little extra dimension to the box’s decorations, I wrapped and glued twine around the lace ribbon.

I glued my “Will you be my bridesmaid?” label with hot glue on the underside of the box lid. I added gold glitter vinyl scraps I had after creating my wine glasses to give a little border to the label.

On top of the lid of the box, I hot glued the tags I made and I hot glued the tiny scrapbook flowers and leaves.

Put your DIY bridesmaid proposal box together!

diy bridesmaid proposal box

After all of your items have been created, it’s time to put them into your final DIY bridesmaid proposal box. Yay!

I used ivory Crinkle Cut Paper Shred Filler to fill my boxes. Then I put in the goodies!

Voila! A beautiful DIY bridesmaid proposal box

diy bridesmaid proposal box

Bridesmaid proposal boxes are a fun and thoughtful way to ask your friends to be by your side on your wedding day. You can make them unique by using your color scheme and theme to give your friends a sneak peek at your vibe for the big event.

Making a DIY bridesmaid proposal box shows your friends how much you care to create all of these cute, fun, and individualized crafts just for them.

Did you make a DIY bridesmaid proposal box for your bridal party? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Happy crafting 🙂

diy bridesmaid proposal box