Fall is around the corner, so I’ve gathered my list of the top 6 cozy fall baby boy outfits you can order on Amazon.

My son’s fall wardrobe is full of comfortable neutral sets. I find my life to be so much easier when I don’t have to put too much brain power into choosing a coordinating outfit for the day.

The fall baby boy outfits linked in this post are all tried and true! I purchased them for my son and they are all super cute, cozy, casual, and STRETCHY.

The stretchy part is hugely important because these outfits have fit him for a longggg time.

Ribbed Knitted Cotton Bodysuit & Pants Set

This outfit set is cozy and cute for baby boys or girls in the fall. We have it in multiple colors because after I got the first one I wanted more for my son! We have it in light blue, teal, and khaki. All of them are super cute!

I’ll probably end up buying more of these fall baby boy outfits because they’re so easy to throw on and baby will still look put together.

Two Piece Baby Boy Striped Sweatsuit Set

I cannot even put into words how much I love these fall baby boy outfits!! I put my son in this sweatsuit allllll the time. This is another set that is very stretchy, so it has fit him for a long time. I started putting him in this outfit when he was maybe 3 or 4 months old and it still fits him now at 9 months. For baby clothes, that is amazing.

We have this sweatsuit in yellow, gray, and navy. All are super cute, but I think the yellow is the best. My son looks so stinkin cute in it!

Two Piece Baby Boy Solid Sweatsuit Set

This sweatsuit is similar to the previous one in this list, but they are made from different material. This one is more cotton and less stretch, but it has still fit my son since about 3 months old.

This is another one of the fall baby boy outfits on this list that we have in multiple colors. We have this sweatsuit in navy, green, and burnt orange. The burnt orange color is super cute for a cozy fall vibe!

Solid Romper Bodysuit Outfit with Buttons

I am normally against snaps on outfits–they can get super tricky to line up when you just want to dress baby quickly! But the buttons on this outfit were pretty easy and quick to work with. This is another simple, cozy, and neutral outfit option.

Long Sleeve Button Down Romper & Drawstring Pants Set

I love the neutral colors in this cozy outfit! Little buttons immediately make baby outfits cuter to me. It also has some good textures going on, which makes it look even cozier.

Tie Dye Ribbed Button Shirt & Pants Set

This is one of my fall baby boy outfits picks because I lovveeeee all things tie dye! Tie dyes have always caught my eye, even since childhood. That’s why I’m glad to see tie dyes back in the mainstream again now!

This tie dye set spices up my son’s cozy fall wardrobe. He has a lot of neutrals in his closet, but this outfit is a little more colorful. I love that it brings some color without being too bright.

Waffle Knit Top & Pants Set

Along with my tie dye obsession, I am also obsessed with all things waffle knit. If I see a waffle knit top for me, for my husband, or for my son, I NEED it. Waffle knits are so cozy and perfect for fall.

Hence why I purchased this waffle knit set for my son. I got it a size bigger so he could grow into it during fall and into winter. So cute!


I love these outfit choice because they save time, energy, and brain cells for me. When I can just dress my son in a cute and cozy set and he still looks adorable and put together I love it! Otherwise, I end up wasting my precious mom energy trying to choose matching onesies and pants.

I also love that these fall baby boy outfits are not too expensive. They actually end up looking more expensive than they actually are in my opinion!

So, what do you think? What cozy fall outfits will your baby be wearing this season? Tell me in the comments below!