Get some “Two Fast” birthday party ideas for your little one’s racecar birthday party!

Ever since M’s First Trip Around the Sun Party last year (which was also my first attempt at throwing a party!), I have been thinking about how I can level up for his 2nd birthday party. 

I had a few different ideas for themes, but ultimately we decided to go with the “Two Fast” birthday theme. M loves cars (his favorite sign/gesture is “beep beep”) so he had a blast!!

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Two Fast Birthday Party Ideas: Invitation

Just like I did last year, I decided to find a printable decoration set on Etsy to match the Two Fast birthday theme. Here’s the one I used for this party! The set came with a bunch of great stuff, including multiple adorable invitation options.

two fast birthday party invitation

We decided to go paperless with our invites this year, so we sent our invitations virtually. I love that there was a spot to put M’s cute little face! 

Two Fast Birthday Party Ideas: Outfits

Naturally, we needed some fun family outfits to go with the Two Fast birthday theme, so I headed over to my favorite internet place, Etsy. M’s little shirt says Two Fast and mine and my husband’s say Pit Crew. They turned out so cute and great quality!

two fast birthday party outfits
two fast birthday party backdrop

Get the shirts we have here.

Two Fast Birthday Party Ideas: Decorations

Decorations are my favorite part of any party, so this was the fun part for me! I have seen this Two Fast theme done so many different ways. Some people have gone with more muted colors or with pastels. I love how everyone puts their own spin on it!

For M’s party, I really wanted to keep the color scheme bright and fun. I decided to go with reds, blues, and yellows for most of the colors. The balloon colors and the decorations we did helped it to not be too bright, so I think we struck a great balance between fun kid birthday and aesthetically pleasing to my obsessive compulsive eye.

two fast birthday decorations

Large Car Cutouts

two fast birthday party decor cars

I knew I wanted to figure out a way to get a large vintage car cutout to add to the Two Fast theme, but I wasn’t really sure how to achieve the look I wanted at first. Ultimately, I decided to purchase a gorgeous watercolor racecar clipart set that went perfectly with the rest of our Two Fast birthday décor and I ordered large blow-ups of the car images on poster board. When I got the poster board, I cut out the cars and ta-da! I love how they turned out! 

two fast birthday party decorations

I ended up also using the racecar clipart to make a few other signs, so it was an excellent purchase for the Two Fast party theme!


two fast birthday party decorations balloons

My first attempts at a balloon arch last year went pretty well, so I have been so excited to do another arch for birthday #2! I always get my balloon arch kits from an Etsy shop called Glitterati Party Shop. The balloons come perfectly packaged and the directions Glitterati provides make it SO EASY to put together your own arch. Such a money saver when you don’t have the cash to hire someone to make balloon arches!

I got a custom 10’ arch with the colors Burnt Orange, Mustard, Blue Slate, Fog, and White. I also ordered some additional Jumbo 24” balloons in those colors as well. This helped make my balloon garlands super lush and full!

Additionally, I bought some checkered mylar balloons on Amazon to fill in throughout the garland. I love how the checkered balloons helped everything stay on-theme!

With any large balloon arch project like this one, you will ABSOLUTELY NEED an electric balloon pump. I got mine on Amazon and it has lasted me through a few different parties so far. I would NEVER ever ever ever attempt a balloon arch without one of these, so definitely keep that in mind if you make one!!!

Chiara Board & Number Backdrop

To make a little party backdrop with the balloon garlands, I used a lot of foam board and a few large stencils I got on Etsy to make my own DIY chiara boards and a 4 ft. number 2. Here’s the Chiara Wall Backdrop Template I used, and here’s the Number Template.

two fast birthday backdrop DIY
DIY Chiara Boards & Number 2

Two Fast Birthday Décor

two fast birthday party decor

To add to M’s party theme, we also got little traffic cones and racing flags that we placed throughout the décor. We also got a racetrack floor runner. I love the way the inflatable tire tubes looked as well! They were also one of my son’s favorite things to play with at the party!

two fast birthday party ideas balloon garland

Two Fast Birthday Party Ideas: Cake & Food

If you read my post about M’s First Trip Around the Sun Party last year, then you know I like to make my own cakes and cupcakes for his parties (even though I am an extreme amateur when it comes to baking!). My favorite way to make delicious cupcakes is to use a doctored boxed cake recipe. This is a much easier way to make an amazing cake or cupcakes. 

two fast birthday party cupcakes
two fast birthday party cake
two fast birthday party food cake

Here is the recipe that I used for my cupcakes this year – absolutely delish! We displayed them on these tiered cupcake trays we got on Amazon. 

If you want to DIY your own tiered tray for super cheap, check out my post on making a Dollar Tree DIY Tiered Tray in 5 Steps!

We had a bunch of on-theme snacks and treats this year. These racecar checkered plates, cups, and napkins were perfect for serving everything on.

two fast birthday food nuts and bolts
two fast birthday snack spare tires
two fast birthday party food jumper cables
two fast birthday food traffic light brownies

We got these adorable, delicious, and affordable speed limit and tire cookies on an Etsy shop called Clawson Cookies. They arrived perfectly packaged and fresh!

two fast birthday party food cookies

Our racecar cake pops were also from an Etsy bakeshop called SweetsbyJelii.

two fast birthday party desserts
two fast birthday party dessert table

We also served a pretzel tray from Philly Pretzel Factory, Chik-fil-a chicken nuggets, and a hoagie tray from Primo’s.

two fast birthday party food

Two Fast Birthday Party Ideas: Activities

We decided to rent a bounce house for this party since M loved it so much last year. The child is extremely active so we were hoping to give him and the other kids an opportunity to get outside (even if it was a little chilly!). Everyone loved it!

I also put some Road PlayTape in some areas of the house along with some toy cars. We put some of the road playtape on the wall and added some of these cute vintage racecar plates. On top of being adorable, the kids were loving how they could move the large plates around the racetrack.

two fast birthday party road tape

Originally I had the idea to make a little car wash that the kids could walk through, but time got the best of me and I wasn’t able to! I was going to use pool noodles and hang streamers. I ended up trying to make a makeshift version of this in a doorway. In my mind it seemed like it would be more fun, but the kids were like “whatever” lol.

Two Fast Birthday Party Ideas: Gifts!

Obviously any gifts will be child-specific, but we were very excited to get M a gift on the larger side for his big 2nd birthday! I’m a big fan of gifts that can be used for years to come, so when others were asking what they could get M for his birthday, I stuck to those type of ideas. I really hate stuff that lights up, makes noise, and overstimulates!

Ideas for gifts could be: a play kitchen, a mini trampoline, an art easel, a water table, a sensory table (we just got the Ikea Flisat sensory table this year and we are all obsessed!), or an outdoor playhouse.

We got M a Little Tikes outdoor playhouse this year for his birthday, and before we gifted it to him I did a little makeover with some paint and accessories to make it even more enjoyable. He LOVES it!! Check out my blog post to see how you can easily do your own Little Tikes playhouse makeover!

I hope these Two Fast birthday party ideas help you get some inspiration for your toddler’s race car birthday party! 

two fast birthday party ideas

After M’s party, I went on my local moms Facebook group and offered some of the decorations we used to another mom who was using the same theme this year. It made me so happy to be able to help another little one have a fun Two Fast birthday party!

Now it’s time to start the pre-planning for next year’s extravaganza. I’ve been dying to do a puppy party, but I guess I’ll have to see if M is still into puppies by his third birthday! 

Stay festive!